When it comes to online marketing, it can seem like the best approach is a broad one. You want to drive traffic to your site to boost engagement and sales, so why not cast a wide net and hope that you catch at least a few people who will be interested and stick around?

This may seem like a great approach to marketing, but well-seasoned marketing experts will tell you that it’s not the quantity of your audience but the quality of it that truly matters. When it comes to building an audience through marketing, here are some reasons why it’s important to target the right people with your campaigns:

  • Save money by marketing to the right people.
    • A lot of time and energy is wasted doing marketing campaigns that are not optimized for the proper traffic. While it may seem frightening to cut back on your marketing budget in order to most effectively spend your dollars, target marketing allows you to identify specifically those who are likely to be loyal customers, or ‘optimized customers’. This means that even though you’re reducing your budget, you’re only trimming the excess you were spending on wasted clicks, honing your strategy and saving money in the process.
  • Build a loyal following.
    • By targeting a particular audience and sharpening your marketing strategy, you begin to build a follower base of people who are actually interested in hearing what you have to say and will keep coming back. This is the goal of target marketing, and is the most important reason to build the ‘right’ audience; once you’ve earned loyal followers, you’ll also earn loyal customers who will continue to use and return to your product because they’ve built a relationship with you.
  • Keep your brand’s image intact.
    • Anyone who has ever used the internet can vouch for how annoying popup advertisements can be, especially when you encounter the same ad for the same product over and over. Although it’s important to get your name out there so that you can begin to build brand recognition, you don’t want to swing too hard the other way and end up losing potential customers.

Before you launch your next marketing campaign, get to know your target audience and learn what you can do to fill a blank space in their lives. Once you’ve built a dedicated following, you’ll find that a solid groundwork for a loyal customer base has been laid and you’ll also get word of mouth referrals to further save on your marketing budget.