Twitter has 330 million active users every month. Most are individuals, but there are a growing number of brands who participate on this social media platform.

Here are 5 of the most engaging brands on Twitter, and what makes them so successful. This will give you some good examples on getting your brand noticed for the right reasons.

1. JetBlue Airways

JetBlue is known for their customer focus, and their Twitter presence highlights that. The company is incredible at responding to customer questions and concerns. Using They’ve really leveraged Twitter as a customer service tool, adding value to those who fly with them. They average a 10-minute response time, and their replies are personal.

Their practices show the importance of connecting and quickly responding to your customers.

2. Major League Baseball (MLB)

It’s baseball season, which means the MLB is more active on Twitter than ever.  They’ve created a variety of handles to engage with appease all kinds of baseball fans. @MLBStatOfTheDay pairs statistics with video clips. @MLBReplays tweets each challenge a coach makes against an umpire’s call and its result. @MLBRosterMoves helps fans track MLB rosters throughout the season. For those who value comedy, @MLBGIFs is a must.

MLB’s twitter presence showcases that you should give your audience what they want, and customize your content for them.

3. General Electric (GE)

General Electric is known for selling a wide range of consumer goods, but they’ve really come out on top with their social media strategy. Instead of trying to sell their products, General Electric has established themselves as an authentic thought leader in Twitter’s tech space. They use fairly simple language to break down complex concepts and engage a wide audience. GE also writes their content in a relatable way, appealing to a broad audience.

GE reminds us that you don’t always have to try to sell something. Providing your audience with relevant information is equally as valuable for your personal brand.

4. Charmin

TIME named Charmin the “sassiest brand on Twitter” in 2014, and they continue to impress. Charmin tweets fun content that engages their audience and participates in trending hashtags. One of their most successful campaigns was starting a #TweetFromTheSeat hashtag. With 40% of young adults admit to using social media in the bathroom, it caught on quickly. They also encourage two-way communication with their audience by asking questions.

Charmin’s twitter posts are a great example of using funny, quirky content and “calls to action” as a way of encouraging audience engagement.

5. Wendy’s

In the past year, Wendy’s has gained a reputation for their snarky tweets, especially relating to competitors like McDonald’s and other fast food chains. They have gained hundreds of thousands of followers since the beginning of 2017 by reminding their audience that they’re a witty brand who isn’t afraid to be edgy for the sake of entertainment.

Wendy’s reminds us that it can pay off to make your unique personality a part of your brand. Assuming you’re not offending large groups of people, your audience could likely react well to candid humor.


These brands might have more resources than you do, but we can all learn something from the way they consistently engage their intended audience.