When it comes to making an online presence for yourself, there has to be something for your audience to engage with. Images and videos are extremely important as they allow your audience to connect in unique and modern ways, but written content will always be king. The only issue: there’s a ton of content styles to choose from. Everyone has their own passions that they like to write about, but there may be one style of writing that you lean towards. This blog will help to open up your content style options to reach new audiences and to keep your readers entertained.



A listicle is one of the most commonly used content styles for bloggers. This post, in fact, is in listicle form. Essentially, a listicle is a giant list of examples pertaining to your blog topic. For instance, an appropriate listicle would be, “Top 10 Youtube Tutorials Of All Time,” with a list of the 10 videos and a sentence or so on why each video was chosen. This also gives you an easy opportunity to link out to a lot of different sources. If we go with the example above, you can link out to 10 different videos. As long as there’s enough content to support 10 links, your piece will have powerful linking potential!


Opinion Post

This option is pretty self explanatory: choose a topic and tell the people how you feel. Of course, it always helps to source some outside content, but with an opinion post you are setting your audience up for a glimpse inside of your brain. This can be a crucial point of connection with your audience. It’s important here to find a balance between the number of opinion posts you produce and more informative posts, so that your reader isn’t bored and doesn’t become too alienated.



To keep things interesting, posting a review of a product, experience, or book that resonated with you is a great way to connect with audiences. This can be a good or bad review, but should always be respectful even if it wasn’t a positive experience. This is where it’s important to know what your tone is and to stay true to it. Your review can have a variety of styles as well. You can do a comparison review, incorporate an interview from the source behind what you’re reviewing, or study a collection of others’ reviews as well.


While these are just 3 examples of new styles to try, they will help you to break out of your comfort zone to try even more. Stay tuned for even more examples of content styles and how you can expand your writing capabilities.