As always with digital marketing, content reigns supreme. But in 2017, new digital marketing trends have marketers using different types of content to make their message spread even further. This brings in different types of viewers, and the more outlets you can reach with your content, the bigger your audience will grow.

One of the biggest marketing tactics to emerge in 2017 is the role of influencer marketing. Here, we’ll explore what influencer marketing is, what the biggest trends are, and how you can use them to elevate your digital marketing campaigns.


Influencer marketing is very similar to sponsored marketing, or campaign ads that feature a spokesperson. Classic examples would include Michael Jordan marketing for Nike or William Shatner for pushing the flight and hotel search engine site Priceline. While still a marketing tactic used today, this type of advertising has evolved into what is now known as Influencer Marketing.


The new wave of Influencers on the internet have had great success on social media sites such as Instagram and Snapchat. Instead of having a celebrity do a formulaic campaign for your product or brand, you can have an influencer use your product and give a review to their followers, relaying your brand’s message to an entire new audience – and one that’s already incredibly loyal to that particular influencer. An influencer only has to be as famous as the number of followers they have. This means that many influencers aren’t necessarily movie stars or musicians, but have simply built their online presence because of their honest and engaging profiles.


The 2 biggest trends in influencer marketing are easy to roll out, and are sure to stick around through the next couple of years due to their massive success and popularity.


Trend #1: Fewer Blog-Only Programs

Younger demographics grew up with blogs as their main source of internet reading. Because of this, they’ve already started to move on and explore other types of content. Look for influencer marketing to continue to thrive on sites like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, and Pinterest. Anything that connects followers directly with the influencer is going to be a hit!


Trend #2: More Branded Content

Branded content has been building for years, but we’ve seen it increase in the past few years in momentous tv TV spots during the Superbowl and the Grammy’s. You may have even seen some branded content before and haven’t realized it yet – it works that well! As seen in Forbes, there’s actually a scripted TV show called Royal Crush that is designed to sell cruises to teens. The marketing is hidden by the scripted aspect of the show, exploring clever content used to influence the audience.


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