Marketing is all about the study and management of exchange relationships, with the goal of creating customers, keeping them coming back, and maintaining their satisfaction. Since technology has become a big part of marketing, marketers need to stay on top of the best performing digital platforms to reach and engage consumers, as well keep up to date on real-time data that predicts yearly trends. That said, the issue lies in the amount of time it takes to study this ever-increasing information.


Make way for podcasts! Audio allows busy marketers to listen in while driving or doing your daily workout. While podcasts are super helpful, these days we are oversaturated with channels, hosts, and shows. It’s hard to know which shows to listen to and whether or not a new show will be a waste of time.


Here are two of the top marketing podcasts to listen to in 2018.


#AskGaryVee: Bestselling author, celebrity, and thought leader, Gary Vaynerchuk is leading the way for marketing podcasts. Each week Vaynerchuk, along with a rotating panel of celebrity guests, answers key questions submitted by his audience. Most of the questions revolve around business and marketing, although Gary is also known to offer other life advice. In addition to his podcast, Vaynerchuk also posts a behind-the-scenes take of each episode on his Youtube channel.


This Old Marketing: Dedicated to helping listeners understand the virtues of content marketing, hosts Joe Pulizi and Robert Rose incorporate witty banter, facts and insights, and interesting story-telling. With over 185,000 subscribers, This Old Marketing delivers several passionate educational segments preceded by an attention-grabbing monologue. It is no wonder why their subscribers are so dedicated.
Both of these podcasts offer some brilliant steers and ideas for digital marketers. Regardless of your busy schedule, find 10 minutes of time, grab some headphones and prepare for some extra inspiration!