Stuart Ross Social Media Schedulers And Why You Need ThemHave you ever heard the phrase: “time is money”? In today’s world, time is a very valuable thing that many people wish they had more of. Even when it comes to posting on social media, this saying holds true; the less time you have to spend on your social media properties, the more time you’ll have to focus on being creative or other marketing activities. Luckily, tech savvy people have designed a number of online scheduling platforms to choose from – they’re a brilliant way to free up your time while allowing you to continue roll out content and social engagement with precision.


In this blog, I’ll dive into some of the best schedulers available, what they do, and how to use them.



When it comes to online scheduling, Hootsuite seems to reign supreme. One of the most popular online schedulers, Hootsuite connects your separate social media properties such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn, allowing you to create and schedule posts on one calendar for all sites. There are several packages that do cost money, but their free version allows you to connect 3 social media sites for scheduling which is not bad when you’re starting out. And for the time saving convenience, you may find it’s worth upgrading to a paid package.



Not to be outdone by Hootsuite, Buffer offers a similar platform for scheduling posts across several social media properties. Buffer is a bit more modern in its interface and overall look, while not sacrificing on being a professional piece of software. And with the Buffer app, you can plan tweets and blog posts on the go, as well as look up analytics data to see how your online properties are doing.



Everypost is a great platform that allows you to connect to an even wider array of your digital assets. Set up differently than Buffer and Hootsuite, this platform allows you to pull visual content from different sources without having to exit the program, and share it on the site of your choosing. Everypost also has an easy to use interface and the ability to post now or schedule later, giving you the excellent flexibility.



This app takes things a step further by allowing you to not only create and schedule posts for your social media outlets but also to create and schedule content for your blogs. Sendible will suggest times that the platform feels are the best times to post, and gives you the ability to create a content calendar to share with your colleagues. You can also use the Sensible Social CRM tool to keep track of customer or consumer records. This platform does have a subscription fee, but starting at just under $60 bucks a month, you may find it’s well worth including in your marketing budget.