Its 2017, and the digital revolution has officially declared victory. Social media has shifted our existence in ways unimaginable just a few years ago, driving itself beyond the role of a sidelined pleasure or occasional pastime to become an integral part of our daily lives. In few places is this movement more apparent than in the realm of advertising. Expert marketers looking to maximize exposure know it is no longer possible to deny social media’s status as a juggernaut storming the field of marketing.

Through trial and error, savvy advertisers have also become painfully aware of a certain law of the digital landscape. Advertisers, or anyone who spends time promoting products online, will soon realize that if used improperly social media can be useless at best or even damaging to an ad campaign. For this reason it’s become all the more essential for online entrepreneurs to learn not only the social media dos, but also the key don’ts. To assist in your digital education, these are the most damning online marketing sins smart advertisers should avoid.


  • Don’t waste time on irrelevant platforms – Each social media platform connects people differently, sharing and spreading info in a slightly unique way, which is often (but not always) suited to a specific type of user. To avoid squandering precious time and resources, wise marketers should consider each social media sites’ unique features and preferred form of media, concentrating their online efforts on sites which best augment the characteristic appeal of their product.
  • Don’t spam away potential customers – When someone subscribes to your social media account, they are engaging in an act of trust. They have considered what you have to offer, and are tentatively reaching out to learn more. Disappoint or bore them by giving a stream of bland, unhelpful, self-centered content which fails to capitalize on that initial spark of interest, and you’ll be answered with the searing inferno of anger, ridicule and poor reputation. This unfortunate fate easily afflicts those who do not tread tactfully among an audience who has nothing to lose by sharing, commenting and downvoting their grievances with you, en masse.


  • Don’t walk minefields without maps – Regardless of whether they’re peddling war, politics or commercial products, the greatest campaigns of all time succeed for one reason above all: they are planned, and masterfully. Like any victory, a social media marketing win requires more than just a series of directionless leaps. You’ll need to visualize your target audience, familiarize yourself with their online preferences and habits, and use focused, beneficial, engaging content to capture their attention at the opportune moment. Succeed with a stellar strategy, and soon you’ll bask in newfound buzz about your business, and your product.