The entrepreneurial dream is to create a product so innovative and life changing that it flies off the shelves without much effort. Unfortunately, not every product can have the hype and demand of the first iPhone. So how do you make people want to purchase as a MUST? How do you make your product irresistible to the average consumer?

Check out these tips and tricks to help make your business’s product sell itself.

  • Show people why your product is the best.

When marketing to your customer base, you need to truly believe that your product is the best. Your customers don’t want to hear why your product is “good” or “competitive with comparable products”; no, your customers want to hear why this product will make their lives better, or easier, or changed altogether. You don’t want to be just another name in a sea of options; you want your product to absolutely blow them out of the water.

  • Get to know your customer base.

If you want your product to be able to sell itself to your customers, you need to first become familiar with your customer base. What are their purchasing habits? How do they behave online? Will your product make their lives easier in any way? What benefits will your product bring to their lives? By learning how they behave, what attracts them, and what needs they have yet to fill, you can better understand what they’re looking for in a product.

  • Design the product around your customers wants.

If a customer dislikes your product, rest assured that they will waste no time in telling you. It may not be as easy to tell if they love it. That’s another important reason to get to know your customer base. You want to cater your product to address a “white space” in their life — a space where there is a need or a want, but nothing to fill it. Make them want your product by showing them how it fixes a problem in their lives that they never even knew they had.

  • No assembly is required.

When a customer buys your product, they don’t want to also have to buy 50 additional add-ons and parts to make it work the way they want it to. They also don’t want to have to spend 2 hours constructing everything to finally be able to use what they purchased. Again, think of the iPhone and how it works right out of the box; you want your customers to be able to use your product without causing them any inconveniences.

  • Let your customers take it for a spin.

Before you try to sell them something, let your customers try it out first. If you want them to be enticed by your product, give them a taste of what it has to offer so that they can’t help but want to buy it for themselves.