While every business is unique, there are some elements that remain constant. Profitability relies on offering consumers quality products / services they want or need, and having a team committed to serving their customers. These are the necessary business ingredients that never change. There are numerous constants when it comes to marketing strategies as well. Although many companies will hire their own team of marketers and develop a strategy specific for their needs, there are several basic online marketing strategies that all businesses need to follow.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    • Putting your business online is essential because it opens your products / services to the world. But if your sites are not optimized properly, people searching for your products or services won’t be able to find them. This is where effective SEO comes into place. Done right, it’s a free way to help people find you online, and without it you’re fighting an uphill battle to get your site found.
  • Social Media Marketing
    • The best kind of marketing is free marketing, and social media is one of the best kinds of free marketing there is. Since such a vast majority of people are using social sites — in 2017, 81% of the American population has a social media profile — why not take advantage of these platforms’ already existing user bases by tapping into it? Create yourself some key social profiles — Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and CrunchBase — and, after optimizing them, start building out your own network of people who are interested in your industry and will likely want to hear what you have to say.
  • Content Marketing
    • Contrary to what it may sound like, content marketing isn’t just writing endless articles that highlight the benefits of your product or service. Content marketing is, quite simply, using content to draw attention to your business so it stands out. And like any good marketing, it shouldn’t just bombard your network with information about your products / services. For example, if you’re working in a tech startup, write about new inventions and happenings within the industry. If you’re working in finance, offer tips and advice on money management. Give your readers a reason to keep coming back.