Platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have stood the test of time, and are now staples for anyone building an online presence for themselves or their business. Instagram has also become especially popular in the last few years.

While your intended audience will be a factor in determining which social platforms to spend time and energy on, there are some that will provide more benefits for you than the rest. Here are 7 lesser-known options for your branding needs.

Levo. Levo is a platform where you can share information about yourself or business on your profile, but also read articles and engage with other users. It’s suitable for any industry or niche, and tends to rank very well in search engines when your profile is fully optimized.

 Quora. If you’re especially knowledgeable in any topic, Quora is for you. It is a Q&A platform with high engagement potential. You can send questions into the void and request answers from experienced users, and even answer questions yourself.

Behance. Behance is a visual platform that generates an average amount of engagement. You’ll find a plethora of photography collections and displays of graphic design. You also have the ability to link numerous other social media profiles to your Behance profile, which can help your audience keep in touch across all platforms.

ReverbNation. To all my music fans out there, ReverbNation is a great social media option for you. You can join as a fan to explore artists and their music, or join as an artist if you yourself are in the music industry.

beBee. beBee is a collaborative platform for professionals, but it’s slightly different from LinkedIn because it has a beehive theme. There are bees, hives and more. With the potential for high engagement, it’s a viable option.

ArtStation. If you’re especially crafty, ArtStation is the profile for you. Whether it’s traditional art or graphic design, you can share your creations and appreciate what other artists share.

Contently. Calling all bloggers. Contently is a blogging site where you also have the ability to add projects from other platforms, including videos. You can even connect Contently to a Behance profile so you can share the same projects on both platforms quickly and easily.


There are an incredible amount of social media platforms online waiting to be discovered by the masses. Regardless of your personal interests or business needs, I hope this list helps you find your new favorite social media site.