Email marketing can be seen as a taboo subject in digital marketing. The market seems to be divided on whether it’s a valuable tool or if it’s a waste of digital marketing budgets. I am of the camp that any digital marketing tool can be made valuable if used correctly, and the same can be said of eNewsletters. With the right content and tactics, eNewsletters can be a profitable and successful companion to any digital marketing strategy.


Here, we’ll take a look at why eNewsletters are valuable and how you can make them work.


Capture Important Data

Depending on the eNewsletter creation tool that you use, you can track the clicks that your readers make, which will determine what type of content they’re most interested in. Capturing this data will help you to create content that your readers want to read so you can continue to up your game with giving your customers what they want. In addition, through page view and click analytics, you can capture contact information for your readers and run targeted email marketing campaigns just for those specific contacts. Since they’ve already shown interest by reading your eNewsletter content, they’re more likely to want to purchase from or interact with you.


Drive Blog Traffic

eNewsletters will do wonders for your blog traffic. By putting out a weekly or monthly eNewsletter, you can get your content right in front of the readers that are most interested. You can then direct them with the eNewsletter to your blog page by linking to your blog where they’ll find even more content that they can share on social media, with their friends, and with coworkers. Not only will you have more eyes on your content, but you’ll have been able to capture that all important data in the process.


Still The Main Way To Communicate In Business

Something that most people don’t consider is just how big email still is. It’s not just relevant in our society – it’s our main form of communication, and not just in business. For this reason alone email marketing shouldn’t be ruled out as a valuable digital marketing strategy. You just need to find the right mix of content that will get your readers to click and share.


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