Multimedia is the best way to uniquely reach your online audience. They make the perfect sidekick to a well-crafted blog. Videos, images, memes, and presentations essentially condense written content and reimagine those words into image form. It’s important that your multimedia looks and reads as professional and clear as your writing. This list of multimedia tools will take your tired images and revitalize them to excite your online audience.



You can easily spend a lot of time on Canva once you realize just how simple it is to use. With dozens of font choices, icon images, layouts, and images, you can create nearly any type of static image content you can think of. One of the most unique things about Canva is that it’s free, which is incredibly helpful to any individuals and small businesses who don’t have a ton of money for a graphic designer. Even though the program is free, the designs are extremely professional.



Stock images can be really cheesy. While there is a time and place for those images, there’s a better alternative. Unsplash has some of the most high quality free images available for free download out there. You can search for a specific category or even a color and Unsplash will match you with some unique and modern photography from landscapes to people. You’ll notice a huge difference in the professionalism of your imagery right away.



Another free tool, Piktochart is an infographic making machine – literally! This is the perfect way to pair content and imagery and infographics are a widely used tool within digital marketing campaigns. Like many free applications, the basics of Piktochart are free – but if you want the really intricate hi-res graphics and designs, you’ll have to purchase a subscription. Don’t worry, it’s worth it!



Keynote is a great way for Mac users to create text-heavy videos that are a step up from PowerPoints. You can insert any music for the background of the video that you’d like, as long as you have permission to use it, and can add transitional designs to make slides look more professional.


Have you ever used any of these applications? Let me know and tweet your experiences to me @StuartRoss on Twitter.