Stuart Ross SEO MISTAKES TO AVOIDThere’s a fair amount that goes into Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as it’s more commonly known in the digital marketing industry. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as entering a bunch of keywords into your content, although it may seem that way on the surface. Here, we’ll dive into what some of the most common – and worst – mistakes are when applying SEO practices to your website.


Keyword Stuffing

Google has gotten very smart over the years. When SEO was first introduced into the industry, many used “black hat tactics,” or, cheating tactics, to get their content to rank highest. One of these tactics that has since been outdone by Google is called keyword stuffing. This takes your main keywords and basically just repeats them over and over again to trick Google into thinking the content is super relevant. Not only is this practice considered outlawed as well as being very poor user experience, it will get your site penalized by the almighty Google.


Publishing Non-Original Content

You’d think that people in 2017 would know it’s nearly impossible to get away with plagiarism and the like. With that said, duplicate content happens a lot on the internet and it’s a great way to get your page penalized or blocked. While there is such a thing as “spinning” content, or, writing a blog about a blog already written, simply duplicating content without giving credit to the original post won’t do you or your customers any favors. After all, why would people come back to your site if it’s just a second hand copy of someone else?  


Not Link Building

Even if your content is amazing, you’ll need SEO tactics to help it rank better. Before it’s published there’s work to do to ensure it will rank well from the start. One major mistake that people make is not setting up a linking structure between all of their social media properties. By not linking your various online platforms together, Google has less of a chance of seeing their connection, and ranking high will be that much more difficult.


By avoiding the mistakes above, you’ll be able to set yourself up for success as soon as your website or new blog post goes live. You certainly don’t want your hard work to be for nothing by having no-one looking at them. Have you seen any major SEO mistakes on sites that you’ve browsed? If so, tweet them to me @StuartRoss.