If you’re trying to cultivate an online brand, social media and online marketing is an important part of that. That being said, you’ve probably noticed a common theme lately — privacy notices. Between the EU’s recent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and publicity of Facebook’s privacy policies, the issue of data privacy has been at the forefront of the news in 2018.

Personal Information

Most people are happy sharing photos, opinions, locations, etc via social media, but others prefer to keep things more private. Approximately 80% of people have gained a growing concern over online privacy and security in the past year. That’s important to know for any business you’re conducting online, or even just for your own personal branding purposes.

Digital marketers often acquire demographic information online and use that to develop marketing and advertising techniques. Some see it as a smart business move, while others are uncomfortable with the idea of personal information being used in such a manner. The best option is to be upfront and transparent about any data you collect for your strategies and how you use it. You should also ensure that any information you have is fully protected.

Building Trust

Data privacy and security shouldn’t just be viewed as a risk management tactic. It can also give you a competitive advantage as far as building your brand and reputation. If you’re especially versed in data privacy, you can cultivate an audience around that knowledge to reassure them that their privacy is a priority.

Another part of building trust is ensuring that your online community feels safe visiting your website. Google will soon be notifying visitors if a website they’re on isn’t secure, so you should ensure that your website traffic isn’t affected by this development. Website security may also play a role in SEO in the near future.


If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you might even find business opportunities in light of the recent data privacy concerns. Companies like Google and Facebook were built on the idea of collecting data, but it’s expected that more and more companies will be built around protecting user data.


Although it has only recently gained more press, information has been gathered online for years. Preparing your brand and online properties for the trend toward data privacy is the best way to stay relevant for your trusting online community.