You’ve done it. You’ve sacrificed countless hours working the minute details; with a parent’s loving touch you’ve polished the parts and tuned every edge. Finally, it’s done. Your product — your dream — has materialized. Now it just needs to be shared, so people can benefit from the value you’re created. It’s time to market!

Introducing the world to your professional offering might seem like an uphill battle, especially for those new to the art of getting the word out. If the prospect of product marketing seems frightening or foreign to you, don’t worry. No one is born a marketing wizard. Even the world’s most successful advertisers began clueless in their craft. Everyone starts as a beginner, it’s important to remember that.

So relax, breathe, and start by memorizing these fundamental marketing principles. Do this, and you too might soon call yourself a marketing pro.

1. Build a Unique Brand 

When searching for a product or service, consumers nowadays are often assaulted with ads peddling brands, their ideal product often finds them. To best distinguish your product from a horde of similars, you need to build and advertise an idealized, stand-out version of whatever service you offer. For example, popular headphone manufacturer (and Apple subsidiary) ‘Beats by Dre’ excelled at branding by converting the name and sonic credibility of legendary rapper/music producer Dr. Dre into marketable ethos for an otherwise unremarkable pair of headphones. You probably don’t know many famous rappers willing to lend their name to your product, but what you can do is take the unique, positive feeling which drove you to create your product and build that feeling into your brand.


2. Give Customers Additional Incentive

Most people are motivated to buy for one reason – a new purchase is beneficial to them. It provides some form of comfort, ease or pleasure. So, if you want more customers to buy your product, you need to offer them more of a reason to. Providing discounts or rebates, creating a preferred shopper’s program or even hosting a free giveaway may sting your wallet at first, but the excitement and loyalty generated by treating customers well will overflow to positively influence customer’s perception of your product. People like to feel appreciated, and your customers are no exception.


3. Demonstrate You Care About More Than Profits 

If you’re a local business, it certainly wouldn’t hurt  to show interest in the community which you expect to be your prime customer base. Sponsoring school events, or donating to local assistance programs are ideal. If you’re rooted online or do business on a wider scale, simply demonstrating support for an objectively good cause through donations or sponsorship may warm people to you. If customers equate giving you their money with flushing it down a heartless, profit-gobbling pit, many will significantly be less inclined to do so. Take steps to demonstrate that your cares lie beyond the numbers in your bank account.