Stuart Ross The Best Business Card Designs For Digital MarketersEstablishing an online presence and using digital marketing to attract a loyal customer base is what it’s all about in today’s technological society. There will be times, however, where the digital aspects of your work might need to interact with traditional aspects of marketing. From digital events and other networking workshops to potential clients you have face-to-face meetings with, you’ll want to use those opportunities to drive more traffic to your online presence so they can more comprehensively check out who you are and what you’re offering. This is where business cards can still work their magic, but you also want them to appear contemporary and get clever to leverage them fully.


Business cards started becoming a bit scarce in the early 2000’s when social media began developing. But now that finding connections online is so common and can be overlooked amongst all the digital noise, marketing professionals are finding new ways to draw people to their online presence through this once forgotten networking tool. Here, we’ll explore several ways to make the best impression as a digital marketer through your business card.


Interactive Interfaces

Use your understanding of the power of digital marketing to your advantage. Just because your information is on a piece of cardboard or plastic, doesn’t mean that it can’t also become a digital tool. By adding a QR code, you can instantly link your connections to your online presence. There are plenty of business card designs that blend creativity with functionality. Whether you embed the design by embossing it into your card, weave your code into an image, or simply place it in the corner of your card, you’ll be opening digital doors.


A Text Away

Want to keep everything online? You can still send a business card. Through apps such as CardCloud and InstaCard, you can create a digital business card that can be sent through text, Twitter, email, Pinterest, and many more platforms. Even Microsoft Outlook has a feature that will links together all your personal information and sends it to any contact of your choice in the form of a business card with just the click of a button. Isn’t technology grand?


Ultimately, we may be digital marketers, but engaging in the physical world is also a big part of what we do, and ‘driving traffic’ is not purely an online activity – every opportunity should be seized to connect with people, and business cards can be another useful tool in your arsenal when used with some savvy.