Stuart Ross 5 Free Digital Marketing ToolsLet’s face it, marketing can be expensive. If you’re getting off the ground, money might be tight. The good news is you can still run successful digital marketing campaigns even if you don’t have the funds of a billion dollar company. Below I’ve included a list outlining 5 of the easiest and most professional free digital marketing tools available today. Even if you do have a large budget for your digital marketing, it’s okay to cut some corners on costs if the work won’t be compromised. Who doesn’t want to save time or money to boost their success?



This innovative platform lets you connect multiple social media profiles in one place, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, so that you can create and schedule posts at any time. The posts will then show up on your designated social media sites at the exact time you want them to and without having to copy and paste on each separate site. A timesaver and an organizing tool!


Google Keyword Planner

If you’re looking for insights on consumer and traffic behavior in relation to specific keywords and information, Google Keyword Planner is just what you need. Easy to use and free under the Google Adwords platform, this tool will help you influence search results and track data.



Not a graphic design expert? No problem. Canva has hundreds of templated blog headers, infographics and logo designs, all available for free to anyone hoping to up their digital design game. The platform is extremely easy to use and all work is customizable, giving you the chance to make something truly unique and professional looking without having to hire a designer. It was even featured in Entrepreneur’s list of the top 10 free digital marketing tools.


Google Analytics

Google reigns supreme when it comes to digital data. And without being able to access digital data and trends, creating a successful digital marketing campaign will be very difficult. Google Analytics helps to collect website traffic data that can be useful for any business looking to grow digitally. By showing the number of page views, amount of time spent on each page, and even a glimpse of the number of impressions each interaction gives, this tool is one you’ll be happy to have, and even happier that it won’t break the bank.



Email marketing still has a few tricks up its sleeves, and MailChimp is here to make those tricks work for you. This provider gives you a full set of easy to use email templates and designs as well as analytics to boot. You can fully This makes it simpler to get creative, plan and roll out an email marketing campaign from one place and for no extra cost.


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